Allowing organisations to rapidly prototype and deploy conversational applications to help automate and improve customer service

Who are we

pomegranates.io is built up of a team of people with over 10 years experience in the area of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI). We are passionate about how conversational applications can help organisations and their customers.

So why did we decide to start pomegranates.io? Based on our experience working for large software vendors over many years, we felt organisations could not try out their ideas without investing a considerable amount of time, effort and more importantly money upfront.

Often, as you would no doubt expect from these types of engagement, the focus would move away from the customer needs and move to buying their software and services.

pomegranates.io wants to change this engagement. With the evolution of freely available, open source conversational platforms and a focus on rapid prototyping, testing and evaluation, our customers can try out their ideas without having to worry about complex, sometimes convoluted Sales engagements.

What we do

At pomegranates.io, we offer a wide range of services for organisations wanting to automate processes using Conversational Artificial Intelligence.


We can prototype your ideas for you, helping you test, communicate or simply evangelise ideas within your organisations.


Leverage our years of experience to help you scope your conversational projects. We will give you independent advice, helping you to avoid "conflicts of interest" often associated with software vendor or SI engagements.

Project Management

Do you need help with project managing your conversational application project? Use pomegranates.io experience to help you ensure your project is delivering what you need.

Rent a Bot

An exciting service coming to you soon. Why not hire a pre-built bot for your needs and forget about the overhead of development and management? More news to follow shortly!

What makes us different


We are not aligned with any platform or service. We will always suggest what is best for the customer.

Open Source First

Our prototypes and deployed applications use Open Source platforms, meaning much reduced cost for our customers.


The team at pomegranates.io has many years experience in the delivery of conversational applications projects. Our customers can hit the ground running with their ideas.


We want what's best for our customers, not just pomegranates.io. We want to deliver projects for our customers both we and they can be proud of.


Worcester Bin Collecton Bot

Worcester & Wychavon Bin Collection Bot

Bertie allows over 250,000 citizens of Worcester and Wychavon to quickly find out their bin collection dates.

Vehicle Damage Bot

Vehicle Damage Bot

Gathering information about vehicle damage was previously a time-consuming, manual task for our logistics customer. Using a combination of Speech Recognition and Conversational AI, vehicle damage reporting times were reduced from 40 minutes down to less than a minute, with the additional benefits of more accurate data capture and real-time updates within their logistics platform.

Evercade Bot

Evercade Games Console Bot

Evercade are a company who want to bring the fun of game collection back! They produce not only the Evercade handheld and VS game consoles, but a growing collection of game cartridges, each containing many fun games.

So, what if you have heard of a cartridge or game and want to know more? The Evercade bot allow people to ask questions about cartridges, games, get information and even see videos of them in action. Content discovery has never been so much fun!


Age Concern Central Lancashire

pomegranates.io Announces Joint Venture with Age Concern to Support Digital Journey

Age Concern Central Lancashire (Age Concern) has agreed a joint venture with pomegranates.io to help support and prototype the charity’s digital development journey

Contact Us

We are based in Worcester in the heart of England. However, we are happy to jump on a video conference should you want to have a quick chat. Just drop us an email below.