Evercade Games Console Bot

Evercade Games Console Bot Trying to find information on a game from an evergrowing catalogue of Evercade cartridges? Want to see a video? What genre is it and where can I buy if from? The Evercade Bot helps gamers search for and discover the games they like, get additional information, right through to where they can buy them from.

The Evercade Bot delivers a visual experience, pulling in data directly from the evercade.co.uk website. As more data is added, Evercade Bot will learn and surface this information to the user via the simple, easy to use interface. This simplicity of interaction lends itself to deployment across other channels such as WhatsApp, Discord etc.

The Evercade Bot assists in content discovery, but can be extended to go even further. It can be extended to tackle common FAQs, removing the need to call or email into Support. Evercade Bot could also assist in step-by-step problem solving, helping Evercade users fix issues quickly, without having to interact with a person.

For more information on the Evercade range of products, go to Evercade.

Evercade Games Console Bot

The Evercade Bot Prototype can be seen in action below. Developed in just a few days, it leverages the best of open source, conversational AI, machine learning and data scraping technologies to deliver an experience unique for the growing community of Evercade users:

Evercade Bot's Key Features

Easy to Navigate - Evercade Bot gives examples at the start of each conversation to help and guide the user

Evercade Bot could also greet the user with potential new offers, availabilty of new firmware etc. All completely customizable

Always Up to Date - Evercade Bot accesses the evercade.co.uk website and normalizes the data into a format which is surfaced via a simple, conversational interface. As new data is added, the Bot will learn and make it available to the user for discovery

The gaming catalogue is scraped, normalized and managed externally to the website, ensuring rapid access and querying. This approach also enables data enrichment where applicable e.g. links to game history, developer biographies and more

Disambiguation - Not specific enough in your query? Evercade Bot will try and help with some potential answers to what you are looking for

This is particular useful for the Evercade game library where names can sometimes be complex (and prone to mistyping), along with potential variations in game availability across platforms

Cartridge and Game Search - all in one - Games are deployed on cartridges, and both cartridges and games have names. How does the user search for a cartridge or a game? Does the user even know if the name they have is a cartridge or a game?

No problem for the Evercade Bot. It will search across both cartridges and games and suggest the best match for the user. The user does not need to specify if they are searching for a cartridge or a game - Evercade Bot simply helps with the best match

Sell other Features - Once a cartridge or game is discovered, Everbot offers other information e.g. other games available on the cartridge, where they can buy it from etc. Everbot will push information to the user so they can easily find out more - and the user can access it only if they want to

The gaming industry thrives on visuals and Evercade Bot is no different using images, carousels and YouTube videos to try and bring the game alive for the user

Mult-channel Capabilities - The Evercade Bot is surfaced via a simple conversational interface, lending itself to easy portability across a range of channels including the gamer's favourite Discord, through to WhatsApp and others

Evercade Bot could even listen into Discord conversations and if it can help with a question, automatically post a response into the thread. Evercade Bot is also channel aware, meaning responses can be formatted appropriately for the channel of choice