pomegranates.io Announces Joint Venture with Age Concern to Support Digital Journey

8th December 2021 - Age Concern Central Lancashire (Age Concern) has agreed a joint venture with pomegranates.io to help support and prototype the charity’s digital development journey.

Over the last 40 years, Age Concern has helped over 1 million people live well and age well in Lancashire. The award-winning charity is proud of its history supporting the local community through the delivery of much needed care services, advice and friendship for the elderly.

Age Concern was keen to explore and assess the potential of deploying new digital capabilities in the charity to help ensure its care services are future proofed and remain accessible to the elderly. It turned to pomegranates.io, a company specialising in Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI), to help protype how digital solutions can provide easily accessible services and benefits that meet - and whenever possible exceed - the service expectations of the charity’s users.

Peter Rowbottom, Executive Director, Services at Age Concern takes up the story, “Whilst it’s important for Age Concern to be innovative in its digital capabilities, being a charity, any solution must also be affordable to develop and maintain. Further, it must be presented in a manner that encourages its use and builds the confidence in digital services from the least digitally experienced end users.”

Mark Jones, founder of pomegranates.io  continues, “Historically CAI has been perceived as a high-cost product, affordable and accessible only to large scale organisations with budgets that could meet high value costs of development. Through this project, pomegranates.io has demonstrated to Age Concern that CAI can be developed both securely and cost efficiently at an entry level that is affordable for any SME or Third Sector organisation.”

Age Concern are keen to continue to work with pomegranates.io to further investigate digital service delivery opportunities and are confident of that with this partner working alongside the charity.

Concluding, Rowbottom says “I am confident that our venture with pomegranates.io will help deliver innovative, ‘blue-sky’ thinking on how digital solutions might support Age Concern in the future”

About pomegranates.io

pomegranates.io has over 10 years’ experience developing Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) to support service users in successfully accessing and completing their digital journeys. Its founder has worked with a number of Blue-Chip organisations across banking, finance and retail to develop and deliver effective CAI strategies. (https://pomegranates.io)

About Age Concern Central Lancashire

Since 1981, Age Concern has been devoted to helping people live well and age well in Lancashire. From helping people to keep doing the things they want, through to providing support when the wheels fall off, Age Concern is the provider of choice. (https://www.ageisjustanumber.org.uk/about-us/)

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